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Ensuring build quality and controlling costs is essential for manufacturers. OneFit Manufacturing modules provide essential control throughout the manufacturing process. From detailed specifications and material requirements planning (MRP) through to completion of the finished product. BOMs (Bills of Materials) hold all the necessary raw material and production information and allow you to keep related documentation for use in production or despatch which can also include specification test results for Quality Assurance purposes. Works Order loading can be managed traditionally or OneFit Visual Controller can be deployed to present easy to view machine and operator assignment. Operations and performance are monitored and can be viewed throughout your business operation supplying critical information to dependent departments. Shop floor data capture and process control can be handled with touchscreens and manual operation or by capturing digital production data.

Works order processing

  • Increase productivity and fulfil orders on time
  • Closely manages production
  • Quick and simple multiple order creation
  • OneFit Visual Controller manages overall operations or individual production cells
  • Works Orders automatically generated from Sales Orders
  • Route cards, operation cards and picking lists
  • Multiple issues and returns to stock allows monitoring of stock usage, costings and traceability by batch
  • The ‘Backflush’ option enables users to complete works orders by issuing stock retrospectively
  • Digital or manual shop floor data capture using either touch screen or automatic capture if using CNC machines
  • Management of production flow for sequential operations using touch screen technology
  • Operation and operator time recording and monitoring
  • Works orders can be traced through the factory via touchsceen terminals
  • Immediate onscreen display of supporting documentation, images, drawings, production guidelines and COSHH at the production area or cell
  • Works Order Planning/Scheduling

  • Traditional Planning
  • OneFit Visual Controller provides graphical stacked planning and scheduling tools
  • Graphical monitoring of real time machine and operator assignments
  • Materials Requirement Planning(MRP)

  • Calculates and forecasts material and production requirements using sales order demand, current stock levels, existing purchase and works orders to a specified date
  • Calculate and run material plans for all demands accommodating supplier and production lead times
  • Provides a JIT purchasing/planning model to reduce working capital for stock
  • displayed to assist in the decision process
  • Provides a JIT purchasing/planning model to reduce working capital for stock
  • Bill of materials

  • Simple and logical to set up specifications for the control of manufactured items including any required components, operations and associated documentation
  • Comprehensive management of your product assemblies
  • Unlimited numbers of nested levels of sub-assemblies
  • Up to date re-costing to provide accurate information for production, materials and labour costs
  • Define maximum batch size and machine load limitations
  • Image and document storage against each BOM e.g. COSHH, user manuals, works order instruction, product documentation and specification tests
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