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"Professional, yet a friendly and helpful attitude means Logma listens and re-assesses recommendations throughout the consultation process"|"The beauty of Logma was, they didnt try and fit us into their system they fitted the systems around us and our needs .. Angelina, Vertco Ltd"|"Service is the key.. with Logma, assistance is just a phone call away no matter what the problem"

OneFit can help your business

  • business synergy
    Realising your vision for
    your business takes drive
    and determination. With OneFit your
    vision turns into reality by
    giving you control over your
    business operations, integration
    across work processes, enables
    you to diversify and ultimately
    supports the growth you
    are aiming for.
  • business synergy

    Strengthens customer relationships
    enabling relevant communication.
    Provides an agile ecommerce
    strategy leading to Omni-Channel opportunities.
    Provides integrated business management,
    business intelligence and mobile
    solutions. Improves cash-flow,
    margins and financial management.
    Streamlines and controls supply
    chain operations and encourages better
    Offers simple, secure mobile
    access to real time information and
    business processes.
  • business synergy
    Control over your business
    processes is the key to growth.
    OneFit Visual Control presents
    realtime management information to
    ensure that you have control
    over all your business processes
    from opportunity through to
  • business synergy
    A successful business is an
    integrated business which requires
    an integrated software solution.
    With OneFit no third party applications
    or bolt-ons are needed to
    provide the functionality you need to
    automate your processes including
    Omni-channel E-commerce, EPOS,
    Bar-coding, scanning and touchscreen
    functionality for goods
    In/Despatch, route Transport
    planning and proof of delivery.
  • business synergy
    Identifying and seizing new
    opportunities is vital for
    a growing business. OneFit allows a
    business to diversify, taking
    advantage of new or alternate
    revenue streams. With our
    built in Business Intelligence you
    are able to analyse your business
    operations to identify areas of
    added value to provide maximum growth,
    cost and resource savings.
  • business synergy
    As your business grows OneFit
    grows with you and is a truly
    scalable solution that will
    support you your early
    beginnings to help you realise
    your vision for your business.
    Being modular in design you
    can add the functionality when
    your business requires it providing an
    immediate return on investment.


OneFit delivers benefits to a range of industries and by selecting the required OneFit modules key operational areas of the business can deploy the tools that will produce efficiencies in terms of time saving, costs and management decision making.

CRM Solutions

Effective communication with prospects and customers is the key to business growth. OneFit CRM is a powerful Contact Relationship Management system which...

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Financial Solutions

Gaining immediate access to real-time financial data allows you to anticipate trends and enables swift action. OneFit Financials provides a reliable and comprehensive...

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eComm Solutions

Having tight control of your supply chain is vital to a growing business. OneFit Commercials allow you to take complete control of your supply chain, providing advanced functionality...

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PAS Solutions

Delivering the right goods to the right customer and meeting customer expectations in terms of quality of service are key areas of ensuring customer satisfaction...

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MANU Solutions

Ensuring build quality and controlling costs is essential for manufacturers. OneFit Manufacturing modules provide essential control throughout the manufacturing...

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CATER Solutions

To be successful in an intensely competitive industry wholesalers and retailers need to provide the best possible service whilst dealing with declining margins, challenging delivery requirements...

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RTM Solutions

Offering an efficient 24 hour sales strategy is an ideal way to achieve maximum sales with minimum outlay. However in this fiercely competitive marketplace...

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FRESH Solutions

OneFit can successfully fulfil the needs of specific sectors that require the efficiencies achieved in the mainstream operations of wholesale, manufacturing or retailing...

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What our clients say

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About OneFit

    Logma Systems Design Ltd is a well established developer of software solutions, dedicated to turning your vision for your business into a reality. Being a trusted supplier of industry specific solutions, we successfully deliver modular and integrated end to end software solutions that enable you to have full control of your business from opportunity through to delivery. OneFit not only strengthens customer and supplier relationships but also provides a flexible ecommerce strategy leading to omni-channel opportunities, ideal for any growing business.

    Logma's 35 years experience is reflected in the services that we deliver to your company. Here at Logma we understand that a successful business is an integrated business and therefore with our software there is no need for any third party applications or bolt-ons, making life as simple as possible for you. Having a solid background in business operations we are able to offer your business the solutions needed to diversify and therefore take advantage of alternate revenue streams. Your business operations can easily be analysed to identify areas to focus on to provide added value, maximum growth and cost savings with the help of OneFit.

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